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    The New Spring Training

    When I think Spring Training, I think push-ups, lunges and oh my god just 5 more curls....

    Well its that...and its also the surge in clients looking to whip their homes and businesses into shape- this is a totally different boot camp and I'm up for the challenge.  I'll be hammering  through these projects to deliver the goods throughout the spring and summer.

    So I'm throwing on the gear...warming up...and kick'in it into high gear to successfully get these projects done in record time. 

    Runners take your marks....




    Project 1....The  Move-up

    Move-in ready contemporary house needs furniture, accessories, rugs and paint...lots of furniture!


    Project 2....Dental Suite

    Needs a facelift-we're starting with the x-ray room so that the new x-ray machine can be moved in prior to the suite renovation.  I'm ready to make this project sparkle!


    Project 3...The Manor Park Barbershop

    New look with a hint of the old.  The new owner really wants to keep some of the old turquoise fixtures this old shop is known for.  The barbershop has been around since the 60's and its time for a new do.


    Project 4...The NY Condo

    This project is constantly unfolding.  The first order of business is to select fabric for the panels in the millwork and for the master bedroom bed wall.  I'm thinking masculine and sexy!


    Project 5....A Retail Revitalization

    Everything Must Go! This boutique needs a cosmetic overhaul to get buyers in the door and making purchases.  We'll redesign and reorganize to give this shop an amazing new look and a fatter bottom line.


    Project 6...Mother's Bathroom Reno

    Just as the song goes..."I'll always love my mama-she brought me in this world"-I'll do anything for my folks!  I'm in DC and she's in NJ...I've made all of the selections remotely and can only hope that the installation has been on point.  I'll be in NJ to check out the progress on April 20th...fingers crossed!


    Project 7...A New Abode for the Thomas' 

    These friends have asked for my help in pulling together a look for their new digs. The house will get a coat of paint, a few new furniture pieces and a bar for the man cave!


    Project 8...New Client Consult

    I'm excited about this one-she's open to some dramatic color changes and some gorgeous drapery treatments.


    Project 9...The DC 2 Story Addition

    This project will be a dream for this family of 3 when its all done.  Upon completion this family will have a new family room, kitchen and mud room on the first floor and a glorious master bedroom and bathroom on the 2nd.


    Project 10...The Office Space Plan

    When you're a designer you really need a well thought out office environment-it helps keep the place tidy and should include zones for necessary work tasks.  This boutique design firm needs an overhaul fast!


    Project 11... The DC Condo

    A client I personal train twice a week has asked for my design assistance on a few small projects in his condo.  The headboard project is complete and was just installed-it looks awesome! We now turn our attention to the custom bookshelf/mini work surface/side table/storage piece.  We also need to pick a paint color for the guest bedroom and choose two little side tables/cubes/ottomans to sit in front of the daybed.


     More before pics coming soon!


    The 911


    Twins for me

    These beauties were a great find at Miss Pixies in DC .  I'm selecting fabric and they're getting a facelift.  Stay tuned for the results. I can't wait!