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    It's Quick and Dirty...But So Fresh....So Clean


    A Little Peek-Designer Insights 

     Check out the full article on the Terry's Blinds site


    Decking the Halls for Halloween



    While summer remains my most favorite season, I have to say,  there's something life changing about October.  It is, in my mind, the clear end of summer and the countdown to a much loved holiday season and a new year filled with possibilities.



    As a designer, Halloween has some great appeal-the idea of dressing your porch, yard or home in costume can be a funfilled family event. 

    Take a look at these goolish yards-all dressed and ready for the Halloween Ball.







    DC-Nothin but love for ya honey

    Photos of Washington DC - Featured Images
    This photo of Washington DC is courtesy of TripAdvisor


    The Red-The White-The Blue...And The Gold "Love for Gabby"


    This post comes to you in support of our little sister Gabby Douglas. 

    We are proud of your achievements and we honor you Miss Gabby!


    That said-

    I share with you a glimpse of all that Glimmer and GOLD...

    This wall is simply amazing! Enough said

    I Love-Love this light fixture...I'll take one to go please

    Now this is an eye-catcher! I actually want to dance on the ceiling.  And I thought my silver painted ceilings were fabulous...



    Now that's a sparkling entrance!



    This is an exercise in true commitment...Go GOLD or Go Home!

    Love this bathroom! GOLD fixture and all!